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A premium service amenity for your tenants.

B2B-TV gives building owners a hassle-free and affordable way to offer top quality television service to their tenants. Until now, providing in-building service meant dealing with dozens of individual satellite and cable providers, losing valuable rooftop and riser space, and disrupting normal operations. B2B-TV simplifies the process by:
Installing and maintaining a centralized television distribution system
Utilizing existing riser and telco closet space
Delivering a satellite signal to office suites
Scheduling and managing individual tenant installations

Getting started is easy. B2B-TV assesses your building based on square footage and number of tenants. If our basic criteria is met, we install our proprietary system at no cost to you. Non-qualifying buildings can also receive service through a shared equipment investment arrangement.

The benefits to your building include:

Protection of valuable rooftop and riser space and overall building aesthetics
Single system/single vendor for building-wide service
Seamless, professional installation that doesn’t disrupt business operations
Sophisticated system managed and maintained by B2B-TV
Higher tenant satisfaction and decreased turnover rate
Powerful marketing tool and competitive advantage

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